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Welcome to Whimsical Cottage Soaps!

This web site will close February 11th, 2015

An Exciting opportunity!! Established 10 years, Whimsical Cottage Soaps is For Sale :)

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This is a home based & woman owned business.


Our soaps contain vegetable glycerin which helps the skin to attract & retain its own natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft. Rather than sitting on top of the skin, glycerin softens the skin while permitting it to breathe.


We strive to bring you handcrafted soaps that delight you with cheerful color, design & scent, while leaving your skin, mind & body feeling like you went to a spa.


We offer the highest quality Products & bring them to you at affordable prices.


We invite you to browse & experience our selection of Glycerin & Designer Soaps,  Salves & Balms & much more. Enjoy your visit.


Thank you for being a valued customer. Without you there would be no WHIMSICAL COTTAGE SOAPS & no reason to make these products.


All our soaps & products are reiki infused with love, joy, relaxation, healing & reiki light for your overall well being !!